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I can benefit from my blunders.

Mistakes are not always the bad thing we make them out to be! I know I can learn a lot from my mistakes and use them as a means of self-improvement. Although I prefer not to make errors, I accept that they are part of life, and I strive to benefit from them.

I let […]

I am stocking my toolkit with education and training.

I am stocking my toolkit with education and training in order to reach my goals.

I am perfectly happy with my life and I have goals for making it even better! I strive to increase my knowledge, discover new talents, and develop new skills to enable me to live the life of my dreams.

My […]

I am open to managing all situations swiftly and effectively.

Every day of our lives, things just come up and we need to deal with them. I choose to manage these situations promptly in the best way I know how. I have several strategies I can rely on to help me assess and handle these distractions of the day.

People who fight fire with […]

I am maintaining momentum.

I am maintaining momentum through exercise, setting priorities, and taking short breaks.

I realize that living the life I desire is a journey, not a sprint, and so I set my goals accordingly. I utilize strategies that can set me up for success while keeping me motivated along the way.

Exercising my body and mind […]

I am raising the bar on self-education, self-talk, and self-development.

It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education. – Albert Einstein

My inner motivation is leading me to self-improvement on a whole new level. I actively seek out new sources of inspiration and positivity. I devote time each day to learning new ways to ignite my passions and propel me toward success.

I […]