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Delegating is important to my success and well-being.

Photo by lumaxartIn order to be successful at what I do, I have to accept help from others. Collaboration and teamwork are the springboard where new ideas bounce off. Therefore, the quality of my work improves when I receive input from others.

In order to accept help from others, I must let go of […]

I am on time.

Photo by AMERICANVIRUSWhen my alarm goes off in the morning, I get up right away and begin my day on time because a peaceful start to the day is worth giving up an extra few minutes of sleep.

The key to being on time is planning ahead. Planning ahead and keeping my schedule organized […]

7 Ways to Discover Your Life Purpose

Photo by Denis Collette…!!!There are many avenues to explore when it comes to discovering your life purpose. Unfortunately, though, nobody else can find it for you. Since your life purpose is unique from anyone else’s, it’s a mission that you – and only you – can complete.

In your quest for passion, concentrate on […]

I am more than capable of great success.

Photo by Coast Guard BMMy abilities and talents render me more than qualified to achieve my dreams. The quality of my skills and the strength of my will power exceed the challenges ahead of me. When I focus on my strengths instead of my weaknesses, I achieve greater success.

I can propel myself high […]

Patience preserves my spirit.

Photo by alicepopkornExercising patience is the outward evidence of understanding my own imperfections and accepting those of others. Showing patience starts with myself when I fall short of my expectations.

I forgive my own shortcomings in order to be able to forgive others and accept their mistakes. I am an encourager. I build others […]