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When I organize my space, my life has order.

Photo by BaloulumixMy life has order because everything in it has a place. Being organized helps me achieve balance in my personal life.

I eliminate wasting time searching for things because I know I can find them exactly where they belong. I keep things in their place to reduce clutter and save money by […]

Food is my sustenance, not my friend.

Photo by avlxyzFood is a nutritional tool for my health. Although food can be flavorful and delicious, I know how to enjoy it in moderation. I have the courage to politely reject food when I am not hungry and the strength to stop eating when I am nourished and satisfied.

My refrigerator is filled […]

Giving back to the community is my pleasure.

Photo by zeneraI enjoy giving back to the community through community service, charitable donations, and volunteering. I am constantly looking for new ways to get involved through programs and partnerships.

When I give back to the community, I feel like I am making a difference in the world, one act of kindness at a […]

I am a team player.

Photo by Tom Leuntjens PhotographyBeing a team player has more to do with my attitude than with the amount of work that I take on. The way I interact with my team is just as important as my contributions.

As a team player, I often have to lay down my ego for the benefit […]

My life has a healthy pace.

Photo by Harold LaudeusI live my life at a healthy pace in order to balance between productivity and pleasure. Carrying on at a healthy pace allows me to enjoy the view instead of zooming by.

My steps are ordered and deliberate. I walk through life swiftly enough to accomplish what I set out to […]