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How to Build Passive Income Online

Photo by TangoPangoWhen you’re struggling, living paycheck to paycheck, striving towards minimizing your overall living expenses and bringing more money into the household should definitely be on your to-do list. While minimizing your expenses can be as simple as nixing fast food or moving to a smaller apartment, it’s often the “making more money” […]

Do More in Less Time – And Have More Time for Yourself

Photo by alancleaver_2000Getting things done brings such a great feeling of accomplishment, but it can also be overwhelming if the task seems insurmountable. Sometimes, the days just don’t seem long enough to do everything we want to do. When that happens, worry can set in, but it doesn’t have to!

You can do more […]

6 Tips for Creating Balance in your Life

Photo by StratocastermanEveryone goes through a period where life feels out of control and imbalanced. It’s perfectly normal! But how can you achieve a balance in these hectic times?

Understanding what balance truly means is the first step toward creating a balanced lifestyle. Life balance doesn’t necessarily mean giving equal amounts of time or […]

When I look behind me, I see an army of goodness following me.

Photo by ?§m?Today is the day to write a new page in the story of my life. What has happened in the past is far behind me. My past victories as well as my past struggles are gone.

I am free from regret, guilt, and shame regarding my past. Memories of long ago are […]

My mind is nourished by what I feed my body.

Photo by slaupMy state of mind, spiritually and physically, is directly correlated to the state of my body. I am careful to feed my body the proper nutrition in order to enjoy a healthy mind.

Food is my source of nourishment; therefore, I eat foods that are loaded with vitamins and nutrients. I limit […]