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5 Strategies for Coping With Anxiety

Photo by PolifemusDo you feel anxious when the pressure’s on? Do you struggle to calm your nerves in the midst of stressful situations? These are very normal feelings. Sometimes, however, these worries can become overwhelming even in your day-to-day routines.

Extreme anxiety can inhibit your everyday life. Anxiety about a particular situation can cause […]

5 Ways to Alleviate Day-to-Day Stress

Photo by oomniStress is a part of your everyday life that seems to come from everywhere. Work, relationships, and even hobbies can cause nervous tension in your life. Regardless of the source of your anxiety, you can alleviate this day-to-day stress and find more peace.

Sometimes stress comes from taking on too much. At […]

13 Ways to Say “Thank You”

Photo by webbetravelOne of the most powerful phrases in the English language is “thank you.”

With those two words, you can express appreciation for a kind gesture or service someone has done for you. These words have the power to make someone’s day. When you want to go the extra mile in expressing gratitude, […]

My countenance draws others.

Photo by creativesamI am a friendly person who loves people. I have a fresh zest for life. My face reflects the joy inside my heart. My smile is like honey, attracting people like bees to a hive.

The expression on my face gives a loud and clear message that I am approachable. I always […]

My life has remarkable worth.

Photo by Kuzeytac (Vacation+Bad internet)I am an individual created for a grand purpose. I am the only one in this world who can do what I am called to do.

There are people who love me more than they are able to express. My family, my friends, and my colleagues think the world of […]