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How to Use Affirmations to Overcome Fear

Photo by -RejiK( on… n…off…busy travelling…)If you begin to use affirmations in your life, you’ll unleash a power that can eliminate the control fear has over you. You can use affirmations to get you through the tough times and gain self-confidence.

Why You Have Fears

Throughout life, many situations will cause fear, but fear […]

How to Fight Boredom and Become More Motivated at Work

Photo by Mara ~earth light~Having trouble finding the motivation you need to get things done at work? When you begin an exciting project, it’s easy to find the motivation you need. Maintaining that level of motivation every day, however, can be a challenge. Sometimes, your work is just downright boring!

Just remember that you’re […]

8 Tips for Keeping a Clear Mind When Life Gets Busy

Photo by dsevillaDo you feel like you have so much to do and not enough time to get everything done? When your life gets crazy, you can’t let the busyness take over your mind. You need to put yourself first to maintain your mental health.

Here are eight tips for keeping a clear mind:


Let Your Confidence Shine to Reach Your Goals with Ease

Photo by h.koppdelaneyWhen you’re trying to reach your goals, the most important element that determines whether you succeed or fail is your self-confidence.

Every worthwhile goal features hurdles and challenges along the way. Self-confidence is the tool that keeps you going in the right direction when the challenges come. Self-assurance helps you climb the […]

How to Break the Cycle of Anxiety and Enjoy Social Situations

Photo by Paulo BrandãoMost people have felt social anxiety at some point in their lives. It can be intimidating to be in situations that include many unfamiliar people. It can be even more intimidating if you’re shy by nature.

Social anxiety can be overcome, though. Everyone’s personality is different, but you can change the […]