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I know I can succeed, and I avoid giving up.

Photo by ManojVasanthSuccess is important to me. I am strong and capable, and I can do anything that I put my mind to.

I face my challenges with a brave heart, and I get things done because they matter to me. Success comes from within. I avoid giving up, so I cannot fail. I […]

I spend time alone every day.

Photo by mallixEvery day, I make it a point to remove myself from the busyness of life and indulge in a moment of privacy. Whether it is a long shower, an afternoon walk, or an hour at the gym, I shut out everything else and focus on me.

Spending time alone helps me concentrate […]

I prepare myself for dreams that are coming true.

Photo by Pink Sherbet PhotographyDreams are a valuable part of my life. I see the beauty and importance of having dreams to hold onto.

My dreams come true because I am focused on what it takes to achieve them. I know that some dreams take time. But I prepare myself now, so I will […]

I am full of fresh ideas.

Photo by Will LionFresh ideas flow from me like rain from a cloud. I can find new ideas anywhere if I look hard enough. A good way to find ideas is by paying attention to the small details around me as well as within me.

My life experiences are an inspiring springboard for a […]

I know how to unleash the power behind my dreams.

Photo by Alex E. ProimosDreams have power. My dreams are important to me. They show me what I have and what I desire for my future.

To make my future into what I want it to be, I must follow my dreams. Each day I dream and work to make those dreams come true. […]