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I know I can reach my goals.

Photo by Yves.My goals are important, and they matter to me. I set them realistically, and I meet them because I am committed to them. My mindset is one of success. I am strong and reach every goal I set because I have the ability and dedication to do so.

I am a successful […]

I enjoy sharing my joy with others.

Photo by BIJI KURIANI have so much joy in my life that I want to ensure others have joy as well. I like to share my happiness with the people around me. So much in life is wonderful, and I appreciate all the little things that make me happy, bring on laughter, or give […]

I am strong and capable of doing anything I desire.

Photo by occhiovivoMy strength is important to me. Physical strength matters, but emotional and mental strength mean more, and I am strong emotionally and mentally.

I do anything I need and want to do. I accomplish my goals and dreams easily because I know my abilities.

Whatever I set my mind to, I accomplish. […]

I am mindful of my spending habits.

Photo by ShellySI realize now that money does not grow on trees. The temporary financial struggles of my past have proven this to be true. For this reason, I am mindful of my spending habits.

It is simple to swipe my card and worry about the consequences of my purchase later. However, I have […]

Day by day, I decrease my debt.

Photo by Andres RuedaI am on a mission to decrease my debt. Each day, I challenge myself to minimize my spending so I can apply my expendable income towards paying down my debts.

So far, so good!

I no longer charge purchases on my credit card. My only active “charge card” is my debit […]