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Day by day, I decrease my debt.

Credit Cards
Photo by Andres Rueda
I am on a mission to decrease my debt. Each day, I challenge myself to minimize my spending so I can apply my expendable income towards paying down my debts.

So far, so good!

I no longer charge purchases on my credit card. My only active “charge card” is my debit card. Due to my efforts, I am successfully decreasing my credit card debt!

Decreasing my debt provides me with instant gratification and peace.

I make financial sacrifices every day. I buy the store brand and utilize coupons when grocery shopping. I settle for the basic cable package rather than the expensive plan with all the bells and whistles. My personal shopping is nearly nonexistent.

Even so, I feel more satisfied than ever! I know my money is better spent going towards my outstanding balances rather than unnecessary things.

Some days, my family finds my newfound frugality to be annoying. But, I pay no attention to the nagging comments. Not only am I helping myself by decreasing my debt, but I am also forming a better future for my family.

I always write checks for substantially more than the minimum amount due when paying my mortgage, credit cards, and loans. When I receive my yearly tax returns, I apply at least 75% of the money towards paying down my debt.

I am disciplined in my ways and determined to pay off my debts. Few feelings are more fulfilling than the liberation of being debt-free!

Today, I write my checks with joy. I am already reaping the emotional and financial benefits of unloading this weight off of my shoulders.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. In which areas can I afford to minimize my spending?
2. How do I visualize my life when I am fully debt-free?
3. Am I comfortable hiring a financial planner to assist me in my journey?


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