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Diligence leads me to success.

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Diligence is an adamant determination to perform a task. Because I want to succeed, I guard myself against laziness and pursue my dreams with diligence. The feeling of fulfillment waiting at the end of the road is sweeter than any temporary pleasure.

I have a plan of action with a specific set of goals because I know that life doesn’t just work out; I have to make things happen. I stay on course by constantly assessing my work and reflecting on my progress.

I have resolved to stay committed to my goals in spite of my circumstances to achieve great success. I zoom in on my objectives with extreme focus, undeterred by what is going on around me.

I maintain healthy work habits. I limit distractions to avoid falling prey to idleness. I remove negative influences from my life to set myself up for success. My workspace is set up in such a way that I can fully concentrate on being productive.

I stay diligent by monitoring my progress and budgeting my time. I take any activity that does not bring me closer to my goals out of my schedule.

I give myself time to release stress. I engage in creative activities outside of my work to reduce the time I spend off task. When I set time aside to do things I love, it serves as an incentive for me to stay on task and finish my work because I look forward to that time.

Today, I choose to stay on task so I can make success happen in my personal life and in my business.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I reduce distractions?
2. Do I give myself time to pursue other interests outside of work?
3. Am I managing my time wisely?


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