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Doing less produces more.

I can boost my abilities through self-reflection because this tool has always been within me.

I can boost my abilities through self-reflection because this tool has always been within me.

Doing less produces more: more time for my family, self-reflection, and relaxation.

By creating the optimal schedule, I give myself more quality time to enjoy each moment of every day. When I take the time to breathe deeply and feel the breath traveling through my body, I am recharged.

The time with my family is precious to me. I cherish every moment I am with them and use our time together to strengthen our relationship through love, gratitude, and support.

I refuse to over-schedule myself or allow myself to become too busy in life. By balancing my time, I can give attention to myself and relax. I am better able to focus on each area of my life and give everything my very best.

When I balance my time effectively, my work improves, my family is respected, and I feel happier and healthier.

In my schedule, I include time for self-reflection. This enables me to grow and improve. I also give a high priority to me time and relaxation in my daily plan. My life is richer because of the quality time I give myself.

I give myself this time because I am worth it and everything in my life is made better when I am good to myself.

Today, I focus on creating a schedule that is right for me. Self-reflection and relaxation are priorities in my life so I can have leisure time to spend with my loved ones. I intend to enjoy my day fully and truly experience each moment.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Have I created me time in my schedule?

2. How do I typically over-extend myself?

3. Have I taken the time to sit back and enjoy the day?


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