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Focusing on my goal results in success.

Photo by tozofoto(very very slow)
I am successful because I have the ability to focus on my goals. I am more than capable of concentrating solely on the task at hand. I can ignore nuisances that distract me from my work with ease.

There are many distractions on the road to my goal, but I overcome every single one of them by keeping my eyes on my prize. With the end result in mind, I train my mind to resist distractions. My determination makes it easy for me to stay focused.

I have authority over my thoughts. My mind goes only where I lead it. If I ever begin to consume myself with insignificant details, I think about why I do what I do. Thinking of the ‘why’ makes the ‘how’ easier to overcome.

There is nothing worth more to me than the sweet taste of victory; therefore, nothing can get in the way of my success. I prioritize my time wisely, because even those things that seem worthy of my attention can become distractions.

When the road gets tough, I am able to endure it by envisioning myself accomplishing my dreams. The end of the road is worth the sacrifice of the journey. I press on with courage knowing anything worth having has a price.

Today, I fix my lens to zoom in on what is most important. By staying the course with steadfast determination, I achieve success.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How easily do I become distracted?
2. How can I improve my focus?
3. What goals do I work for?


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