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Food is my sustenance, not my friend.

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Food is a nutritional tool for my health. Although food can be flavorful and delicious, I know how to enjoy it in moderation. I have the courage to politely reject food when I am not hungry and the strength to stop eating when I am nourished and satisfied.

My refrigerator is filled with fresh foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients. My pantry stocked with healthy snacks that I choose to eat when I am hungry.

I remove unhealthy foods from my home to avoid temptation and help myself succeed.

Each week, I plan my meals in advance to ensure that I am eating a balanced diet so I can avoid last minute decisions that lead to unhealthy foods.

I eat a small snack or a sensible meal every 2 to 3 hours to stave off hunger that can cause overeating. The purpose of eating is to energize my body and brain so I can continue to live well. Eating the wrong things defeats that purpose.

When I go to parties, I stand far away from the buffet table and remove myself from tempting situations. I engage in conversation with my friends because I value relationships more than food.

I refrain from eating mindlessly simply to keep my mouth occupied. When I read a book or watch television, I chew gum or snack on healthy foods such as nuts and fruits.

Today, I choose to look at food as a means to fuel my body.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Why do I eat?
2. Are my foods packed with nutritional value?
3. What changes can I make in my kitchen to set myself up for success?


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