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I am mindful of my spending habits.

Photo by ShellyS
I realize now that money does not grow on trees. The temporary financial struggles of my past have proven this to be true. For this reason, I am mindful of my spending habits.

It is simple to swipe my card and worry about the consequences of my purchase later. However, I have an ingenious tactic to curb unnecessary spending. I directly correlate the purchase amount to the number of hours I need to work to earn the money for the desired item.

If I earn $20 per hour and I am considering a $150 purchase, I must work 7.5 hours to earn that amount on my paycheck. This leaves me only $10 for my 8-hour time investment, not to mention the deductions, taxes, and other living expenses!

Weighing my purchases in this manner immediately curbs my spending.

I make purchases with a practical mindset and I avoid letting my emotions rule my money.

I avoid the mall unless it is necessary; I refrain from purchasing sale items unless I need them; and I go food shopping after I’ve eaten.

I pull in the reins on my spending for the sake of my entire family as well as for myself. I would much rather see our money sitting soundly in a savings account than draped over a sofa in the form of a throw or on my hair in the form of highlights.

In this economy, frugality is king. A high price tag no longer generates a sense of entitlement. Now, an exorbitant price tag only produces embarrassment.

Today, I intelligently weigh my purchases. If I do not need the item, back on the shelf it goes. My money is better spent elsewhere.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Which stores typically generate an impulse purchase?
2. Can I shop online to minimize the temptation of impulse buying?
3. Do I shop emotionally or practically?


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