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I am who I am when no one is watching.

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Photo by Grant MacDonald
The true definition of who I am is determined by my actions in the absence of others. Who I am when no one is watching speaks volumes about the true intentions of my heart.

To be honest with others, I must first be true to myself. Therefore, the image I portray in front of others is the same that exists behind closed doors. What I say, what I do, and what I think remains unchanged when I am by myself.

A life lived with transparency brings honor to me. Integrity causes me to enjoy a life free from secrets and shame. My trustworthiness has won the respect of many others.

I act the same in front of others as I do when I am on my own because I have nothing to hide. I am at peace with who I am without needing the approval of others. Loving myself frees me to live life unconcerned about others’ negative opinions.

My friends learn to be true to themselves by watching my example. What I preach publicly, I practice privately in my home. My character is reflected by my private actions even more than by what I do in front of others.

I practice transparency because my values demand that I govern myself accordingly. By being crystal clear, I eliminate the stress, distractions, and negativity that accompany a life of deception.

Today, I choose to be honest with others and myself by living a single life. I am who I am when no one is watching because I live for myself and not to please others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Is my life the same privately and publicly?
2. Do I practice what I preach?
3. Are my values reflected in my actions?


1 comment to I am who I am when no one is watching.

  • Edson

    I like this article very much!! I just recently removed the fake mask I wear when around certain people, and it feels very good to know that you are true to yourself and to others, that you are authentic, and do not have to worry about them seeing the “other you”. Thanks for spending time writing this!

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