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I can manage stress because I know I cannot control the uncontrollable.

I do not sweat the small stuff.

I do not sweat the small stuff.

I can manage stress because I accept what is out of my hands. I am only one person and my energy and resources are limited so I let go of the idea that I can change everything.

I recognize that others are involved in the equation. Because I live and work with people, not puppets, I accept that I will not always get my way.

As an adult, I have the option of walking away from any situation that I deem to be unhealthy. When I choose to remain in a situation, however, I am choosing to allow the others involved to voice and act upon their own opinions.

I can – and do – express myself on issues that matter to me or my community, but I let go of the idea that I can change other people against their will.

I can either find a way to work with their ideas and opinions, orĀ take a different path with a set of people whose expectations more closely match my own.

Because I let go of the idea that I can somehow mold people or situations to my liking, I am free from the stress of feeling responsible for things outside of my control.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I treating my family and peers as people or puppets?
2. Have I been trying to change any situation that is outside my control?
3. Do I need to move on from a particularĀ situation that I find unhealthy?


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