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I can overcome any challenge on my journey to victory.

On my journey to victory, I can overcome any challenge that is set before me like a mountain standing in my way. Armed with courage I push myself to climb as far as it takes to get to the other side. I press on because victory awaits me at the top, but only if I persevere.

To know the road ahead, ask those coming back. - Chinese Proverb

To know the road ahead, ask those coming back. - Chinese Proverb

Determination is what makes me an invincible force throughout the journey. Regardless of what I see around me, above me, or even below me, I am determined to finish what I have started because it is my promise to myself.

I put on the gloves of persistence in order to firmly grip the side of the mountain so I can stay the course. One step at a time, I press on in my walk no matter what tries to get in my way. Even when inclement weather slows my pace, I continue to press on. Life is not about how fast I travel, but about enjoying the journey to my destiny.

I am strong and courageous enough to confront challenges head on. My passion drives me forward in spite of challenges. I am confident that my abilities are greater than whatever trials I my face. I know that I can overcome challenges with grace and poise when I walk with self-assurance.

Today, I choose not to simply face challenges, but to embrace them as opportunities to soar.  I am climbing higher than ever before, certain that I will reach the top where I will give a shout of victory.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is the force that drives me?
2. How can challenges make me stronger?
3. Why must I push myself to persevere?


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