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I feel great satisfaction when helping others.


I feel great satisfaction when helping others because I know I am contributing to the health and happiness of the community we all share.


I am fully aware that if I want others to be available when I need them, I must also be there for them when they need me. Consequently, I invest time in developing reciprocal relationships that will help us both reach fulfillment and achieve our goals.


Worry and anxiety cannot change my circumstance, only positive thoughts and actions can.

However, I am even more satisfied when I help those who can offer me nothing in return.


When I help someone who is poor or sick, old or young, I am doing so because I recognize that a society’s greatness is evident in the way it treats its weakest members.


We are all a vital part of the whole, and by lifting up those who need help; I am doing my part to strengthen the entire community of my life.


I believe that what I give to those who are unable to repay me does come back to me many times over in the form of increased fulfillment and happiness.


I am confident that when I invest my time, emotions, and money into my community, everyone benefits, including me.


Self-Reflection Questions:


1.      Do I actively recognize the value of all members of my community?

2.      What have I done lately to do my part to help care for them?

3.      What rewards have I received from being generous with my time or money?



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