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I find it easier and easier to reflect on new opportunities that have come into my life.


As my life unfolds before me I find it easier to accept the opportunities that have been given to me. As I get older and wiser, I discover that I can more fully appreciate my life and its endless possibilities.


I no longer struggle to see the positive prospects my life has provided. My view is becoming clearer every day, and I can see the many chances that abound.


Sometimes my life seemed bleak and lacking in motivation and opportunities. Today I can see that the opportunities were always there; it was my viewpoint that shadowed them.


With each day that goes by, my perspective deepens and I can see fresh opportunities with greater clarity.

Relaxation is my tool for whittling away stress and finding peace of mind.

Relaxation is my tool for whittling away stress and finding peace of mind.

Today I will open my eyes as well as my mind to the opportunities I have had in life, and I will learn from them. I will see the opportunities I have right now and act on them.


I realize now that keeping a positive viewpoint does not bring more opportunities; it gives me the ability to see them. I can see my prospects in life if only I look, and today, my eyes are wide open.


Self-Reflection Questions:


1.      Have I opened my eyes and my mind today?

2.      Have I realized the opportunities that have always been there?

3.      Which opportunities will I act on?



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