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I know how to unleash the power behind my dreams.

Father and Daughter, Sunset at Centennial Park Sydney Australia
Photo by Alex E. Proimos
Dreams have power. My dreams are important to me. They show me what I have and what I desire for my future.

To make my future into what I want it to be, I must follow my dreams. Each day I dream and work to make those dreams come true. Dreams are valuable in helping me to shape my future.

Each dream is separate, yet they are all connected. When I follow my dreams, I am happy. I radiate joy and love. People around me want this joy for themselves so I help them discover the power to make dreams come true. I like to help people and I want to see them happy. I bring great joy to others and myself.

I am brave and strong. I have the power to make things happen in my life. When I dream, I see the potential it has to change my future. I think about my dreams and I determine what I need to do in order to make them into reality. When I see my dreams as reality, I start working toward them more clearly. I avoid giving up on my dreams.

Every dream has value. I make my life into what I want through the power of my dreams, goals, and desires. My life is happy, fulfilled, and joyful. I change and adjust my life according to what I need and want. I am pleased with the direction my life is taking.

Today, I unleash my power to make my dreams come true.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do to help dreams come true for others?
2. How can I move more boldly toward the fulfillment of my dreams?
3. Are there ways in which I can unleash more of my power?


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