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I let go of others’ opinions of me.

I let go of others’ opinions of me. It doesn’t matter what they think. 

I enjoy who I am as a person and who I portray to others. I am truly satisfied with who I am and fully accept myself.


The opinion I have of myself is good enough for me; others’ opinions do not really matter because I am secure in who I am.


I let go of my concern over what others may think of me. Worrying about what impression I may make on others is not healthy for me and I let go of this urge.


I combine my different passions into a three-ring circus, and I get to play the ringmaster.

I cannot control others’ thoughts anyway, so I focus, instead, on taking control of my own thoughts and actions. I remain true to myself, therefore coming out of every situation with a high opinion of myself, which is what matters.


Other people may think what they want, but they do not know the whole story. They see only a portion of who I am, so they will have a skewed opinion at best. I, however, know my story and value my opinion of me much more.


Today I am focusing my attention on what I think of myself and I am letting go of the urge to worry about others’ opinions. I accept myself and enjoy who I am.


Self-Reflection Questions:


1.      Am I satisfied with who I am?

2.      Do I worry about what other people may think of me?

3.      Whose opinions do I feel are more important than my own? Why?



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