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I live a life filled with clear priorities.

I strive to clarify my priorities and let these guide me in my thoughts, words, actions, and decisions. This brings me a joyous life because I know I am focused on what is most important to my loved ones and myself.

Peace + Happiness 2005
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When my thoughts are focused on my priorities, conflicting emotions of the moment pale in comparison to the big picture. This keeps frustrations and disagreements at bay in my relationships.

If my spouse does something irritating, I remind myself why I love her so much and the irritant no longer bothers me! I think, “If this is the worst she has, then how lucky am I?”

My words reflect my priorities. They are always encouraging and supportive. Even when I feel anger, my conversations are calm as I strive to find a solution to the situation.

At work, my conversations are productive and conducive to building a pleasant working environment.

My actions are based on my priorities, too. I plan my schedule and my to-do list according to what is most important, leaving plenty of wiggle room to enable me to attend to anything important that comes up. This way, my days are always productive.

I allow my priorities to guide my decisions. This gives me confidence to forge ahead with whatever I decide because I always know the decision is the right one for me when it is based on what is most important in my life.

Today, I choose to reflect on my priorities so I can be confident that I am focusing on what is most important to me, rather than the daily distractions.

Self-Reflections Questions:

1. Who is most important to me? Do I show this in the way I treat them every day?
2. What are my most important goals?
3. Am I considering an important decision? How can I let my priorities guide me?


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