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I minimize constraints by magnifying solutions.

Accidental Turnerism
Photo by Jim Blob Blann
My eyes are set to seek the positive in every situation. Constraints serve only one purpose: to help me grow. Looking through positive eyes, I am able to embrace challenges and conquer difficulties.

Trials are like waves crashing on the shore. If I focus on them, I would miss the peace that rests in the vast ocean. Keeping my eye on the things that matter helps me to overcome the turbulence that life sometimes brings.

I focus on solutions because I am a problem-solver. Giving attention to constraints serves no gain. Instead, I exert my energy by finding solutions and figuring out ways to make things work.

Being solution-driven keeps me from becoming stuck. My life is constantly moving forward because I continue to press on even through discouragement. When I am presented with a difficulty, I automatically begin to think of ways to make the situation better.

I refrain from wasting time sulking on situations or complaining about the things that are not going my way. Pity parties keep me from resolution. To move forward, I concentrate of finding answers.

To find answers, I seek wisdom from others. I ask around to see what others have done in similar situations and how their attempts resulted. I enjoy learning from the experiences of others so I can draw solutions for myself.

Today, I choose to look past my situation and focus on the peace that comes after the storm. I focus on solutions, rather than constraints, so I can keep my life moving forward.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Why is it important to look past constraints?
2. What are the benefits of being solution-driven?
3. Do I spend more time finding solutions?


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