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I openly accept family and friends planting hope, experience, kindness, and support in my garden of love.


We are created to be part of a community; therefore, I openly welcome the color and beauty that friends and family add to my life.


I know that my family and friends love me because of who I am. I can do nothing to take that away. I bask in their support, knowing that they will always love me and believe in me.


Their kindness splashes a golden hue across good days and bad. Because of their support, I am a better, stronger person.


I can confine my concerns into a manageable format.

I draw on their experience as well. I have let go of the idea that somehow I should be able to know everything.


Instead, I surround myself with people who are more than willing to share what they have learned through their own experiences. They guide me in my journey.


We are many different shapes and colors, but we are all a part of the same garden. Because I know that we fit together in an amazingly beautiful way, I have great hope for the future.


I openly share in the kindness and support of my community of family and friends. I am confident, content, secure, and loved.


Self-Reflection Questions:


1.      Do I accept that my family and friends love me for who I am?

2.      What kindness has someone shown me lately that brightened my day?

3.      Do I allow myself to draw hope from the value of my community?



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