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I reach my destiny through positive energy.

Photo by smlions12
Positive energy flows through my body. I breathe it in with every breath and exhale anything negative.

Unhealthy energy avoids me. It rolls right off of me, and I refrain from allowing it to be a part of my life. Only positive energy has a place in my life and destiny.

I am full of healthy, happy energy, and I give that energy away freely to others. Because I have so much positive energy, I can give much of it away and still keep plenty for myself. People like me because I am a positive person with goals and dreams. I help others feel better by remaining happy and positive.

Good things come into my life because my positive energy draws them to me. My life is always improving and I am happy with each moment of my day. Positive energy is very valuable to me, and I feel rich with it.

I know that my happy attitude and positive energy matter more than money, education, or any other kind of riches. Because I am positive, I use my energy to attain the things that I want in my life. Helping others and myself is very rewarding.

I enjoy being an inspiration to other people who want to have more positive energy in their lives. I help them as often as I can, and I keep my mind and heart open for people who need what I have to offer them.

Today, I use positive energy to move myself closer to my destiny.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do to bring more positive energy into my life?
2. How can I give more positive energy and love away to others?
3. How can I set a goal timeline using positive energy?


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