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I release the fear, anxiety, and anger that prevent me from communicating effectively with others.

I am not afraid. I love my new feelings of calm and joy.

I am not afraid. I love my new feelings of calm and joy.

I am able to communicate effectively because I let go of my negative emotions.

I let go of all negative thoughts and emotions that may hinder my abilities to communicate in positive ways.

I am a strong person that has control of my emotions.

I take pride in my ability to stay level headed and calm, and I step back from my emotions long enough to think about what I want to convey to others.

Negative emotions, such as anger, fear, and anxiety, impede good communication.

I am able to remain calm and communicate in a peaceful way; my communication is safe when I release my anger.

I am able to take a deep breath and overcome my fears when I communicate; my communication is honest when I release my fears.

I am able to take the time I need to relax and communicate in a way that is focused and productive; my communication is concise when I release my anxiety.

Letting go of anger, fear and anxiety assures me that I can communicate productively.

Today I will take charge of my emotions and allow myself to let go of anxiety, fear and anger to better communicate. I will convey my thoughts and feelings in a positive way that offers safety, focus and productivity.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I control my emotions?
2. Have I taken time to organize my thoughts?
3. How can I let go of fear, anxiety and anger when I communicate?


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