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I spend time alone every day.

Late afternoon walk in DeWaal park
Photo by mallix
Every day, I make it a point to remove myself from the busyness of life and indulge in a moment of privacy. Whether it is a long shower, an afternoon walk, or an hour at the gym, I shut out everything else and focus on me.

Spending time alone helps me concentrate on my values and reflect on whether or not I am living up to my own personal expectations. Instead of being a prisoner of my fast-paced life, I position myself in charge by pausing to assess my choices.

I withdraw myself from the world to maintain a fresh outlook. In the silence of solitude, I can hear myself think. More importantly, I listen to my soul. I recharge my batteries to perform better in the end.

When I allow myself to get so caught up with responsibilities that I fail to take a break, I begin living life simply going through the motions, like a robot. Daily time alone keeps life thrilling.

I am willing to make changes to my schedule to include alone time because I think it is important. My spouse helps me with errands, chores, and with the kids because my spouse understands that my time alone benefits our marriage.

The time I spend on self-reflection for my own personal growth helps me to be a better partner, parent, and employee. I am free from guilt when I separate time for myself.

Today, I choose to retreat from my daily activities and get lost in deep thought. The only way I can give to others is by taking care of myself first.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Why is it necessary for me to spend time alone every day?
2. What changes do I need to make to my schedule to be able to spend time alone?
3. When was the last time I spent time alone? How did I feel?


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