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I take charge of my life each day.

Photo by Peter Daems
My life is my own, and I am the master of it. Answering to others about how I live my life is unnecessary. I answer only to my Creator and myself. Others may not agree with me, but I am at peace with that.

I love my life and I know that I do good things with it that help others and myself. No matter what my challenges might be, I have good things in my life, both now and in my future. I can overcome anything that comes my way.

I accept my limitations because I know I can do all things through faith, strength, and belief. Each day I move forward and control the direction my life is taking. I know I am capable of keeping the reigns over my life.

I am proud that I take charge of my life each morning. Relinquishing control over my life is not an option, because taking charge of my life brings me peace and keeps me happy. I feel great joy in taking charge of my life and seeing my dreams and goals come to pass. My life matters!

It is a blessing to know that my life has value not only to myself, but also to others. Through my own positive attitude and joyful experiences, I help to bring joy to others who need love, courage, and guidance. People who see me take charge of my own life are inspired to take charge of their lives.

Today, I take charge of my destiny and move forward with my life in the direction I wish to go.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do to stay peaceful when things don’t go my way?
2. How can I keep control over my life?
3. What can I focus on to ensure I stick to my goals?


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