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I use nature to improve my mood and bring me joy.

Photo by h.koppdelaney
Nature is beautiful. I appreciate what nature has to offer, and I smile more when I have a chance to experience it.

There are so many things to enjoy in nature so I am always able to find new things to see and do. Nature makes me happy, thoughtful, and joyful. When I have great joy, I am able to take that joy and pass it along to others.

I use the beauty of nature to bring peace to my life. The sights and sounds of nature offer relaxation and enjoyment. My mood transforms when I immerse myself in nature.

I take the peace I receive from nature and pass it on to others. I enjoy giving my joy away to the people who surround me and are part of my life. The people I spend my time with see my happy mood and they appreciate me. I am well liked and others want to spend time with me.

When I think of nature, I feel at peace. That peace shows in everything I do. My mood is always boosted by natural beauty and I carry that feeling with me throughout the day.

Sights and sounds of nature can be found almost everywhere. I keep my eyes and ears open to receive beauty and joy. Happiness is a choice I make each and every day. I find happiness an easier choice than unhappiness. I store up my joy from spending time in nature and I give it freely to people who need it.

Today, I receive deep and abundant joy from the beauty of nature.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I find even more joy to bring into my life?
2. What should I do to share my joy with others?
3. Can I find more ways to enjoy and appreciate nature?


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