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My life has a healthy pace.

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Photo by Harold Laudeus
I live my life at a healthy pace in order to balance between productivity and pleasure. Carrying on at a healthy pace allows me to enjoy the view instead of zooming by.

My steps are ordered and deliberate. I walk through life swiftly enough to accomplish what I set out to do, while leaving myself ample time for relaxation in the end.

Planning ahead and setting clear goals helps me to keep a steady beat without having to stop or lose my rhythm. When I know my vision, I am able to get right to work from the start of the day.

I have scheduled time for myself to catch my breath in between engagements. When I am faced with change or with a spontaneous situation, I am able to handle it calmly because my schedule allows me time for emergencies.

By keeping a steady pace I can schedule all my responsibilities in such a way that enables me to be on time.

Throughout the day, I take mental breaks to regroup. Giving myself the gift of time, I can slow down enough to stop and appreciate the little things that make life great.

I make time for priorities in my schedule because the only way I can be of any service to others is by taking care of myself. Rather than a to-do list, I have a wish list of things I strive to do for myself.

Today, I choose to live at a healthy pace so I can enjoy an appropriate balance of productivity and pleasure.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I better prepare in advance for my day?
2. What activities should I eliminate from my plans to make room for relaxation?
3. How can I be more productive?


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