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My mind is nourished by what I feed my body.

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My state of mind, spiritually and physically, is directly correlated to the state of my body. I am careful to feed my body the proper nutrition in order to enjoy a healthy mind.

Food is my source of nourishment; therefore, I eat foods that are loaded with vitamins and nutrients. I limit my intake of foods that, although delicious, have no value to my health. My diet is rich in fruits and vegetables that provide long-term benefits.

I enjoy high levels of energy because I eat foods that are packed with power. I can stay awake and think on my toes because of the choices I make in my diet. My eating habits set me up for success.

I am careful with what I feed my spirit through my eyes and ears. I avoid negative conversations at all cost. My ears are inclined to conversations of substance and value. I only participate in discussions that build me up.

I feed my eyes the beauty of nature to enhance my inner sense of peace. I turn my eyes away from violence and wrongdoing to preserve my spirit. I have the strength to turn off the television or walk away from a negative situation.

What I allow into my body makes its way to my mind and heart, and transforms my actions. I only lend my eyes and ears to things that align with what I want to become.

Today, I evaluate the input of my diet and habits. I choose to make the necessary changes that place me on the path to success.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I improve my diet?
2. What am I feeding my spirit?
3. Do the things I participate in align with my values?


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