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My pot of gold awaits me at the end of the rainbow.

Rainbows End
Photo by TomRaven
The great thing about my pot of gold being at the end of the rainbow is that I know my pot of gold is here already. Where do rainbows end? Right here on this earth! Not in some imaginary magical place!

I need only to allow myself to see my reward and enjoy it to its fullest. I have the power to take advantage of it any time I want to.

The beauty of life is all around me. I can discover it by living in the moment and cherishing every blessing bestowed upon me.

Prosperity lies in living a fulfilling life. When I am happy and fulfilled, I feel like the richest person in the world! I know I am wealthy beyond belief in the things that matter the most.

Even so, there are times when extra money can make my life even better. This, too, is within my reach if I allow it to be so. If I want more money, I can take action to bring in more money.

If I desire a better job, I can find a way to make my skills more valuable in my field so a better position is possible for me. If I want a new career, I can learn what I need. If I want to start my own business, I can prepare appropriately and take action to make it happen.

Yes, my pot of gold awaits me, right here, and it is up to me to discover it!

Today, my plan is to take decisive action toward making my goals a reality.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Can I feel the riches from my pot of gold in everyday moments?
2. How can I let myself discover the beauty that’s all around me?
3. What action can I take, today, to move toward the life I desire?


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