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My reputation precedes me.

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Whenever I walk into a room, people look up to me as someone they can trust. People respect my opinion and listen to what I have to say because my reputation speaks volumes about me.

I have an excellent reputation as a kind person who keeps their emotions under control. Even under extremely confrontational situations, I employ anger management techniques to keep my dignity intact.

My name is associated with positive experiences. When people speak about me, they have nothing but praise to sing. I earn the admiration of others by treating them with dignity and respect.

People know me as a cheerful giver. I am open about my heart of gratitude. Constantly, I express gratefulness for my blessings by sharing them with others. With my attitude of gratitude, I inspire others to live a life free from complaints.

I have a good image based on quality traits. My image is about more than the external appearance I portray. My reputation is based on the values I uphold daily in my life at any cost.

False rumors about me die the second people meet me. Fearlessly, I dispel untrue statements about me with my sincere personality. I quickly set the record straight when someone speaks untrue words about me.

Today, I choose to build my reputation by being honest, appreciating others, and treating others the way I would like to be treated. With each lesson I learn, my experience propels me forward. My name is synonymous with success.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I build a good reputation?
2. What do I do when I hear a false rumor about me?
3. Why is it important to have a positive reputation?


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