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When I organize my space, my life has order.

M├ęditation..., Montalivet, France 2008
Photo by Baloulumix
My life has order because everything in it has a place. Being organized helps me achieve balance in my personal life.

I eliminate wasting time searching for things because I know I can find them exactly where they belong. I keep things in their place to reduce clutter and save money by not having to purchase what I already own.

My productivity level increases when I am able to focus on my work and my priorities in an environment free from chaos. I am able to get more work done in less time, allowing me to free my time to spend on more important things like family.

Clutter is absent from my life; instead, I am surrounded by peace and serenity. I am able to set personal goals and achieve them because I am in control of my environment.

Organization helps me succeed. I seldom have to stop my work to look for an item or wonder where my tools are. My concentration improves as I devote more uninterrupted time to my thoughts.

My life is free from stress when I know where things belong. Peace fills my soul when I look across my clean house, organized desk, and neat car.

I am organized because I value the things I own. The extra time that it takes every day to put things back in their place is worth my peace of mind.

Today, I reclaim order in my life. I choose to honor myself by giving the gift of an organized space.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What areas of my life could use more organization?
2. How do I feel when my space is organized?
3. What steps can I take today to improve my organization?


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