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I am mindful of my spending habits.

Photo by ShellySI realize now that money does not grow on trees. The temporary financial struggles of my past have proven this to be true. For this reason, I am mindful of my spending habits.

It is simple to swipe my card and worry about the consequences of my purchase later. However, I have […]

Day by day, I decrease my debt.

Photo by Andres RuedaI am on a mission to decrease my debt. Each day, I challenge myself to minimize my spending so I can apply my expendable income towards paying down my debts.

So far, so good!

I no longer charge purchases on my credit card. My only active “charge card” is my debit […]

I am close to my goal.

Photo by ishutterthethoughtEach day, I get closer to reaching my ultimate success. I have both small and large goals to help me get there. Every time I achieve a smaller goal, I see that my big goal is closer. My ultimate goal is in sight.

I believe in myself and in my ability to […]

I use rainy days to improve my spirituality and connect to the Universe.

Photo by laffy4kRain washes everything clean, and I use that understanding to cleanse my inner self. I see rain as healthy and renewing.

Rain is always welcome, and never a hindrance. When it rains, I am reminded that I must take time to renew everything and make it clean and fresh again, just as […]

My reputation precedes me.

Photo by Denis Collette…!!!Whenever I walk into a room, people look up to me as someone they can trust. People respect my opinion and listen to what I have to say because my reputation speaks volumes about me.

I have an excellent reputation as a kind person who keeps their emotions under control. Even […]