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Johnny Wimbrey – Personal Development Coach

Are you willing to do today what others don’t to have tomorrow what others won’t.

People who take risk understands that taking risk requires only a moment, while not taking risk becomes a lifestyle.

Sigmund Freud said that, “You become a product of your environment.” But that is if you choose to allow yourself to become a product of your environment. The You-Factor is you choose what you want to do.

Who is Johnny Wimbrey?

These are some of Johnny Wimbrey’s signature statements. In my first article on Life Coaches (Personal Development Coaches), I introduced Matt Morris, the founder of Success University. In this second article on Life Coach (Personal Development Coach), I am introducing Johnny Wimbrey.

Johnny Wimbrey is a personal development coach cum celebrity who has his own TV program, “The Johnny Wimbrey Show!” He is also a best-selling author, world-renowned motivational speaker and an industry consultant. Johnny Wimbrey was once homeless, living in a battered women’s shelter. Growing up in an environment infested with drugs and violence, he soon became a teenage drug peddler and engaged in gang violence. His turning point came at the age of 18 when his friend was murdered. He was determined to seek revenge for his murdered friend after attending his friend’s funeral carrying a gun with him. During that funeral, he heard the mother of his murdered friend said that she forgave the person who murdered his son. That sentence totally changed Johnny Wimbrey. From then on, Johnny Wimbrey decided that he would not let his past and environment determine his future. Abandoning his past of drugs and violence, he became an insurance agent at the age of 20. Within less than 2 years, Johnny Wimbrey rose through the ranks in the insurance industry where he trained experienced regional managers. With the high demand for Johnny Wimbrey’s service, he decided to use his skills in helping others from industry leaders, celebrities to young people who are struggling to break free from gang violence.

From The Hood To Doing Good

In Johnny Wimbrey’s best-selling book, “From The Hood To Doing Good”, he related his life story and taught on the principles on how you can decide to be a winner in life and not let your environment determines your future. The word “HOOD” in the book title is actually an acronym for “Hazardous Obstacles Of Destructions”. In this book, Johnny Wimbrey teaches you how to learn to be successful from inside out; and that success is happy from the inside out, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Even if you are broke, you can get it again if you have success on the inside of you.

The Johnny Wimbrey’s Show!

The following video is a recording of “The Johnny Wimbrey’s Show!” In this recording, you will see Johnny reaching out to two girls to help them break free from one of Los Angeles’ most violent gangs.

Hanieh talks to Johnny Wimbrey on Life Success TV

The following 3-part video is an interview with Johnny Wimbrey on Life Success TV. Life Success TV is a TV show that interviews life coaches, motivational speakers, etc. who are successful in life and teaches success to people. In the first video, Johnny Wimbrey talks about his life story and the how he could turn around in his life because he is coachable and a student for life. Apart from his life story, Johnny Wimbrey also expounds on how success is being able to mastering success from the inside being of a person.

In the second video, Johnny Wimbrey introduces a little on what Success University and made mention of Matt Morris, the founder of Success University, and its trainers, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, etc. When Johnny Wimbrey first met Matt Morris, he was already successful in many areas of his own life. As a personal development coach, Johnny Wimbrey was impressed with the concept of Success University and was certain that Success University will be a phenomenal success. He soon joined Success University in 2005. Today, Johnny Wimbrey is one of the highest ranking representatives cum trainer in Success University and is among the world’s top 1% income earner.

Recall the 2 girls from one of the most violent gangs in Los Angeles who were trying to break free from gang violence. Johnny Wimbrey shared a little more about those two girls and talked about how to get involved with the community and how he involves himself with the youths involved with gangs.

In the third video, Johnny Wimbrey talked about the people who has influenced him and impacted his life whom he looked up to, such as his teachers and personal devleopment coach, Les Brown, etc. He always have the attitude of a student who wants to learn from anybody. He will never try to outshine somebody else in their own show. At the end of the show, Johnny Wimbrey delivers his signature statements.

Where you come from has nothing from where you’re going. Who you are on the outside will never determine who you are on the inside. But who you are on the inside will determine what you are on the outside. Winning begins on the inside out. You can win if you attached the 3 things “WIN” – Willing, take Initiative and the attitude that you’ll Never give up. When you understand the possibility to deserve of winning, then only it begin to manifest.

Johnny Wimbrey as Holly Wood Celebrity Life Coach

In the following video, Johnny Wimbrey was featured as a Hollywood celebrity life coach who helped to rehab Jeff Conaway whose life was destroyed by drugs, alcohol and prescribed drugs. Jeff Conaway was a 1970’s big screen heart throb who co-starred with John Travolta in the block buster movie “Grease”

Johnny Wimbrey’s Lecture

In this last video posted here, Johnny Wimbrey teaches on the mind of an entrepreneur. Johnny Wimbrey teaches on being at the right place at the right time.

Are you willing to do today what others don’t, to have tomorrow what others won’t.

Some other people’s mentality don’t have to become your reality.

The first impression is the lasting impression.

Adversity causes some people to break while others become record breaker.

Decision and choices I make has made my mess, my message.

Your past does not have to determine your future and where you come from does not have to dictate where you’re going.

ENJOY the lecture!


3 comments to Johnny Wimbrey – Personal Development Coach

  • Thanks for sharing these videos, I did enjoy them. If these celebrities think they need a personal coach then all the more reason why you, the striving entrepreneur, need a success coach.

  • marina

    How do i break the smoking habit  ?

  • blogadmin

    Humans and animals are generally programmed by association as the Pavlov’s conditioning experiment. Try associating whatever habits you want to break with something negative and repulsive to you.

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