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Matt Morris and Success University/World Ventures

Matt Morris’ parents divorced when he was 4 years old. A year later, his father broke into his mother’s home and murdered her mother’s boy friend and ended up in jail. At the age of 13, his father committed suicide. That was Matt Morris’ childhood.

At the age of 21, Matt Morris was $30,000 in debt and jobless. He was homeless and lived in his car, taking shower in the rain and petrol kiosk wash room. His turning point came when he listened to a Tony Robbins’ cassette tape. He decided to immerse himself in Personal Development. For 8 hours a day, he would study any subjects in Personal Development. Quoting Tony Robbins, he said, “If you want to be successful, study what successful people have done and imitate what they do.”

From then on to the age of 24, Matt Morris turned from being $30,000 in debt to earning $100,000 a year. From the age of 24 to 29, Matt Morris became a self-made millionaire and founded his own network marketing company, Success University.

Watch the Fox Channel news broadcast on Matt Morris, the President cum CEO of Success University.

Success University is an online network marketing company that provides e-books, online audio streaming and online video streaming on the subject of Personal Development by dozens of Personal Development coaches such as Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Johnny Wimbrey, Jim Rohn, etc. Within 3 years, Success University has grown to a 100,000 members company globally.

Watch the video below on Success University.

On the 1 June 2009, Success University has merged with one of the biggest network marketing company on Travel Industry, World Ventures. This is a marriage between a multi-billion dollar Personal Development Industry with a 7 trillion dollar Travel Industry.

The following 2 videos are from the WORLD VENTURES 2008 National Convention.

Watch the World Ventures presentation of their products: Dream Trip and Leisure Travel Consultancy.

Success University now offers you the best of both worlds. You have a 24 hours a day, seven days a week website where you can access your learning resources on Personal Development. Now, you can also begin earning commissions selling vacation packages to people without having to have enough capital to set up your own travel company.

Now perhaps you do not believe in the travel industry and you do not believe in network marketing company. But I believe that you do believe that Warren Buffet is the world greatest investor (at least a great investor even if you do not believe that too). In 2003, Warren Buffet bought over a network marketing company called “The Pampered Chef”. Seems like Warren Buffet believes in network marketing company which opposes what many people believe. Bill Gates founded the No. 1 travel site in the world. Donald Trump started in 2006 his own travel website. Steve Case, founder of AOL, is now a chairman of a luxury travel company with holdings in excess of 1 million dollars. If such successful people believe and have invested into the travel industry, do you still have any doubt?


2 comments to Matt Morris and Success University/World Ventures

  • eleanor alpino

    dear matt morris
    thanks b to god i met u again
    last jan 2009 i stumbled into ur success university and i took a look at it and i wrote my identity card to b able to look into ur marketing strategy
    during this time i was working volunteer only in bulacan but that same year i was transferred to leyte a visayan province where i am now
    last march 2009 i tried to unsubscribe but it was too late i couldnt enter the unsubscription domain of success university hence with all the angish and pain of being transferred i some kind of delayed looking into the mails and during this time that march 2009 was the last month for trial for success u, i was being transferred and i was busy with the graduation since march is the end of the sch yr plus my transfer
    so success u. is billing me for that month of march
    please, help me by cancelling the bill for march 2009 at the bank merchant in the phil. due to the following reasons: the card was given by mistake and i have no fund for it and i was so uneducated about identity card and i used it only to see and look at ur strategies
    thanks and hoping for ur kind consideration

  • blogadmin

    I am not Matt Morris. May be you should try contacting Matt Morris on Facebook.

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