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Rebecca Fine and “The Science of Getting Rich”

Mindset of Abundance vs. Mindset of Lack and Poverty

The “Science of Getting Rich” is a book written by Wallace D. Wattles in 1910. This book tells the reader that there is a scientific way of getting rich. First and foremost, he told us that all humans long to live life abundantly – physically, emotionally, intellectually, financially and in all aspects of life. To live life in anyway in short of what life has to offer in all its fullness is not the will of the creator.

He taught us the right mindset towards being rich is a mindset of abundance. The mindset that most of us have towards riches is one of poverty and lack – there is not enough to go round for anyone. If someone else has more, then I will have less if not, none. Consequently, we compete and undermine others in the attempt to gather more for ourselves. This mindset drives us in the wrong methods of gathering wealth as well as to perceive riches as evil. Wallace D. Wattles taught us in the book, “The Science of Getting Rich” to have a wholesome thought of blessing others. If we are a merchant, then we should always think of delivering not just the best of our products and services to our clients but in excess of what our clients pay us for. Contrary to traditional views of sacrificing oneself for the sake of others, Wallace D. Wattles does not advocate that line of thinking as that comes from a perspective of lack and poverty. To bless others, one must be living in abundance and it is through living in abundance that one can truly bless others and bring riches to them. The way to truly bless the poor is to make them rich.

Wallace D. Wattles – The Author

Wallace D. Wattles was a man who lived during the war of the states in the mid 1800s. His life was full of failures until he realized the principles of getting rich. He put the principles he came to understand into practice and he began to see riches and success abounding in his life. He put these principles down into his book, “The Science of Getting Rich” which he had put into practice in his life.

Rebecca Fine & The Science of Getting Rich Network

This book is not a book that is based on philosophy but on practicality. The book goes on to teach the reader how to become rich by following principles of getting rich. Not only have these principles brought Wallace D. Wattles prosperity and success, whoever have read this book and put its principles to practice has experienced the same blessing of riches. Such a person is Rebecca Fine. She was in the network marketing business but she did not see much success in her business until she came across the book, “The Science of Getting Rich” by Walace D. Wattles. The book changed her thinking and she shared it with her network marketing business partner. In just a few months, she began to prosper in her business and became top earners in her business. Since then, Rebecca Fine has been sharing the principles she learned from “The Science of Getting Rich” to many people and she distributed this book for free. She has also formed a Science of Getting Rich Network.

Download “The Science of Getting Rich” For Free

This book, “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles is free for download by clicking on the banner below.

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