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From Where Does Personal Development Begin?

Jacklyn Ker & Stuart Tan

Jacklyn Ker & Stuart Tan

First the heart

Where does personal development begin in a person? It begins first in the heart, then in the mind. It begins with a desire in the heart. My friend Jacklyn Ker was a lupus patient for many years. Her condition had worsened and developed into many complications to a point that she needed dialysis. In her despair, she attempted suicide several times. One day when Jacklyn woke up on the hospital bed, she determined in her heart that she would improve on her attitude. She decided to snap out of her despair. Instead of being a burden on her family, she began supporting herself by becoming a cab driver. Her cheerful and positive attitude eventually caused a miracle to take place in her body. Today she is a healthy person, financially independent and a Jade Ambassador of a network marketing company.

Personal Development is meant to be personal

I used to snuff at personal development, particularly when it was shoved down my throat. How do you like having people come to you and say, “Do this! Follow these seven steps and be a better person. Write down your goals and action plans and show it to me. From now on, you are to commit yourself to achieving these goals.” Everyday at work, your boss set departmental goals. You are asked to set your personal goals and action plans. List down the courses you plan to attend. Clock up a hundred hours worth of courses in a year. At the end of the year, neither you nor your department achieved its goals. Work review is nothing more than a fault finding session and you are threatened to work harder than you should.

Jacklyn Ker

Jacklyn Ker

The problem here is that these goals are not mine to begin with. I have absolutely no desire to achieve them. You can dream up any goals, write them down, pin it up on your bedroom walls and stare at them everyday and it is not going to change a thing. If you examine deep down inside yourself, are you serious about it? Do you really want it? Unless you want it, you are not going to achieve it because you are absolutely not going to do anything towards achieving it. Unless you desire it, you are not going to have it.

Then the mind

After you have desired it in your heart, the transformation will next take place in your mind – your thinking. The world’s number one bestseller is the Bible. The number two bestseller is an old book written by a man called Napoleon Hill. The book is entitled “Think and Grow Rich”. Years ago when I read the title, “Think and Grow Rich”, I thought the author meant that I should start imagining that I am rich and then I will become rich. That was why I held a certain cynical attitude towards the book even before I read it because I thought that the idea was silly. But with more understanding today, I have now realized that the word “Think” in the title of the book refers to changing your thinking. A man with a poverty mindset cannot become rich but remain poor. To become rich, you must think differently. Warren Buffet thinks differently from most of the stock market investors. He buys when others sell and sells when others buy.


You cannot change until your thinking change. You do not take action because of your fear of taking risk and you like the comfort of being where you are even if you are feeling miserable. At least it is familiar evil that you are comfortable with. But when your thinking changes, you will begin moving forward and do what you usually would not have. And your future and destiny will also change.

So begin today by looking down in your heart where your desire resides and change a whole new mindset up in your head. Just as what Johnny Wimbrey says, “Are you willing to do today what others don’t to have tomorrow what others won’t.


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