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I keep myself moving forward.

I have many tools in my toolbox that I can use to keep myself heading toward my goals. The ones I use most often are my action plan success strategy, affirmations, self-reflection, and time management.

My action plan success strategy sets me up for victory. I take the time to divide my goals into small steps that I know will get me to my destination. In my plan, each task that I complete brings me one step closer toward the achievement of my goals.

Part of my strategy that keeps me motivated is that I celebrate every success, no matter how small. Every time I complete a task in my action plan, I reward myself. I allow myself to feel good about it and I look forward to completing the next task to continue my success.

Positive affirmations help keep me focused on my goals and banish thoughts of self-doubt. I repeat affirmations to myself at least twice each day and again each time I need a boost to my confidence.

The price is what you pay, the value is what you receive. - Anonymous

The price is what you pay, the value is what you receive. - Anonymous

Self-reflection also helps me move forward. When I reflect, I visualize living my dreams as if it’s happening in the present. I experience it with all my senses and feel the wonderful emotions of being there. It motivates me to make my dreams a priority.

Lastly, my time management skills bring everything together. I consciously put time in my schedule for making my action plan, working on my tasks every day, and reflecting about myself. Everything works together seamlessly with good time management!

Today, I plan to use my time effectively to keep myself moving forward toward my goal, allowing time for goal planning, completing action steps, and self-reflection.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Have I taken the time to create my plan of action steps?
2. Do I do something to work toward my goals every day?
3. What motivates me to do what is necessary to achieve my dreams?


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