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I make do with what I have.

Photo by Pete ReedI am content with what I have. My personal happiness and the happiness of my family are far more important than material things.

Each morning, I wake up to a lovely home and a vivacious family. I feel grateful for the things that I have.

At times, I struggle financially. However, […]

I am confident in my abilities.

Photo by joeflinthamI am the proud owner of a specialized skill set that can comfortably carry me through life.

In this shaky economy, I maintain job security. I am a good employee, but more importantly, my abilities are an asset to my employer. I have a roof over my head and quality food on […]

Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

There is a purpose for your life, whether you believe it or not. You may have to take several paths, but with a little digging, you can find where you’re meant to be.

The first clue to figuring out your purpose in life is to consider what natural talents, gifts and abilities you’re born with.


After deciding what action to take, I act immediately.

Uncertainty does not sway me from my plan of action.

Whenever I begin a task, I take time to make an action plan, and then I jump right in. My plan brings me the confidence to forge ahead, knowing that I deserve great success.

When creating my plan, I divide the task into small, attainable […]

I understand the foundation before I undertake a large task.

I refuse to be intimidated by a large task because I ensure that I am prepared by fully understanding the situation.

By knowing beforehand what is expected of me, I am confident when tackling a large job. Doing the groundwork ahead of time allows me to have full confidence in my abilities to succeed in […]