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I make do with what I have.

Photo by Pete ReedI am content with what I have. My personal happiness and the happiness of my family are far more important than material things.

Each morning, I wake up to a lovely home and a vivacious family. I feel grateful for the things that I have.

At times, I struggle financially. However, […]

I am spiritually, physically, and emotionally wealthy.

Photo by ashley rose,I feel abundance all around me. It pervades my mind, body, and soul, bringing me infinite wealth.

Spending time with my Creator fills my spirit with His goodness. I express my gratitude for my wealth of blessings every day in my prayers.

Physical wealth flows to me through my healthy habits. […]

I easily attract wealth.

Photo by epSos.deHow lucky I am that abundance just flows to me! It’s as if all I need to do to receive wealth is to hold out my cup and let the Universe fill it up!

I am sure, though, to set up my life so I can attract this wealth. I plan my […]

Wealth is abundant in my life.

Photo by Hamed SaberI am rich in every area of my life. My relationships and my career are overflowing with accomplishments. I am wealthy because I have a surplus of things that bring me joy.

The reserves of my soul are filled to capacity with the things I value. I enjoy an overabundance of […]

Rebecca Fine and “The Science of Getting Rich”

Mindset of Abundance vs. Mindset of Lack and Poverty

The “Science of Getting Rich” is a book written by Wallace D. Wattles in 1910. This book tells the reader that there is a scientific way of getting rich. First and foremost, he told us that all humans long to live life abundantly – physically, emotionally, […]