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Healthy eating revitalizes my lifestyle.

Photo by foodswingsReaching for unhealthy foods is convenient. Punching a button on the vending machine or pulling into a drive thru is certainly far more appealing than cooking halibut or chopping vegetables, especially when I am hungry and hurried.

On the other hand, preparing healthy meals is time consuming, but it is certainly worth […]

Stepping back helps me to refocus.

Photo by WonderlaneIt is easy to get caught up in the game of life, so I take time to step back, away from the noise, and think. I pause at the fountain of life and refresh my soul.

When I step back, I can look objectively at my life. Removing myself from the busyness […]

Peace leads me.

Photo by gadlI follow the way of peace and run from the path of confusion. I have peace with every step I take. I may not always be certain about where I am heading, because I don’t know everything, but I always trust my inner sense of direction.

I take risks without violating my […]

Patience sustains my center.

Photo by Bindaas MadhaviMy soul is at peace when my mind is settled and free from worry. Ridding myself of anxiety calms my emotions, allowing me to experience complete peace.

To have peace, I must let go of the things that are beyond my control. I exercise restraint when I would rather react. I […]

My inner beauty is evident to those around me.

Photo by -RejiKTrue beauty is intangible and indescribable, yet one hundred percent evident to the naked eye. A person’s beauty is not the same as a person’s appearance. Beauty is found much deeper, in matters of the heart.

The inner beauty inside of me is reflected through my confidence. I am beautiful just the […]