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My positive attitude attracts quality friends.

Photo by scrappy annieMy friends are gracious people who love me just the way I am. I feel good when I am around my friends. Spending time with my friends leaves me feeling a deep sense of happiness.

I am successful at forming valuable relationships through my positive personality. Unafraid to be myself, I […]

My peace endures through the storm.

Photo by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino┬▓┬│When I am in the midst of the storms of life, my peace enables me to prevail. My peace is everlasting.

The harder life gets, the more I abandon my selfish desires and let the hands of peace carry me. In the hands of peace, my need to be right melts […]

Living an active lifestyle keeps me healthy.

Photo by mikebairdMy body is aging, but there are habits I can form today to keep me young. Regardless of my current age, body type, and weight, I am well able to maintain a healthy lifestyle because I owe it to myself.

Staying active shields my body from diseases and allows me to live […]

I do more than search for peace; I create it.

Photo by Harold LaudeusI am at peace with others. I seek every opportunity to spread harmony to those around me. Instead of searching for the perfect location or the perfect time to get away from the noise, I create peace for myself right where I am.

Sometimes, I think that if I could only […]

I choose to focus on all that is good around me.

Photo by jonathanrperkinsThere are two ways to look at every situation in life. I choose to focus on the brighter side of things, instead of the negative. I accessorize myself with a cheerful smile rather than a critical eye.

When I look at others, I try to see them the way they hope to […]