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My life has a healthy pace.

Photo by Harold LaudeusI live my life at a healthy pace in order to balance between productivity and pleasure. Carrying on at a healthy pace allows me to enjoy the view instead of zooming by.

My steps are ordered and deliberate. I walk through life swiftly enough to accomplish what I set out to […]

I have an outlet to relieve my stress.

Time away from my work is as important as time devoted to my work.

I have an outlet to relieve my stress and engaging in it regularly is a priority for me. I know I am happiest and most productive when I have regular ways of letting off steam, so I view these times as […]

I balance my evening with rest and relaxation so each morning I may rejoice in rejuvenation.

I wake up alive and revived because my life is balanced with a reprieve from the daily grind. When the sun shines through my window and touches me awake, I am excited and ready for the day.

As I stretch and slip out of bed, I celebrate my awakening with a breath of fresh air. […]