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I use nature to improve my mood and bring me joy.

Photo by h.koppdelaneyNature is beautiful. I appreciate what nature has to offer, and I smile more when I have a chance to experience it.

There are so many things to enjoy in nature so I am always able to find new things to see and do. Nature makes me happy, thoughtful, and joyful. When […]

Beauty is around me to be discovered and experienced.

As long as I allow myself to see the beauty that surrounds me, my life is enhanced a hundred-fold. Therefore I strive to release any negative thoughts and feelings that can blind me from this beauty.

Beauty abounds in my loved ones and my relationships with them. Each one has their own unique beauty unlike […]

I surround myself with positive people, just like me.

I surround myself with positive people because I believe that, next to my own determination to live fully, the company I choose to keep determines the quality of my life.


I openly accept family and friends planting hope, experience, kindness, and support in my garden of love.

We are created to be part of a community; therefore, I openly welcome the color and beauty that friends and family add to my life.

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As I let go of dissatisfaction, I feel happiness in my life.

As I let go of dissatisfaction, I feel happiness in my life.

Dissatisfaction has no place in my life. I know that challenges are often opportunities in disguise, and disappointments are merely […]