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I can wait for things worth waiting for.

Photo by Holger HillI have the ability to wait for things that are worth waiting for. I wait patiently because I know that some things require preparation. If I receive everything that I want without waiting, it may not be well done.

Waiting for my blessings helps me to appreciate them when I finally […]

My life overflows with blessings.

Photo by 96dpiMy life erupts with blessings like lava out of a volcano. I have been given much more than I could ever need. When I look around me I see that not only are my needs met, but I also have a surplus of things that I enjoy.

I wake up every day […]

Wealth is abundant in my life.

Photo by Hamed SaberI am rich in every area of my life. My relationships and my career are overflowing with accomplishments. I am wealthy because I have a surplus of things that bring me joy.

The reserves of my soul are filled to capacity with the things I value. I enjoy an overabundance of […]

Each baby-step I take brings me one step closer to the more successful me.

Life is like a staircase. You have to go up each stair to reach the top.

When I allow myself to improve little by little, I am sculpting the more successful me that I desire.

Just as a baby learns to walk by first taking tiny steps, I can grow into the traits and develop […]

I keep only two mental snapshots of myself: where I am and where I want to be in life.

The only two points that matter when getting directions are the starting point and the destination. As long as I know where I am and where I am headed, I can block out any other mental images.

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