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My mind is nourished by what I feed my body.

Photo by slaupMy state of mind, spiritually and physically, is directly correlated to the state of my body. I am careful to feed my body the proper nutrition in order to enjoy a healthy mind.

Food is my source of nourishment; therefore, I eat foods that are loaded with vitamins and nutrients. I limit […]

When I am focused, I am unstoppable.

When I am focused, I am like an unstoppable machine on a mission to succeed. I charge ahead with my goals clearly in view. I do whatever needs to be done in order to complete my tasks with excellence.

I rid myself from distractions by placing myself in situations where I know I am able […]

Life provides abundant opportunities for laughter.

I am excited by the presence of a new day.

I know that laughter is good for both my body and mind, so I make a point of cultivating humor in my life.

Sometimes humor comes to me in flashy neon pink, billboard-style, and can’t be missed. But much of the time the laughter in […]

I enjoy regular evenings out to help me let go, reflect, and relax.

I let go of exhaustion and allow peace and tranquility into my life.

My life has a healthy balance of work and play. I welcome the chance to get away from my routine. When I receive an invitation to go out, I make the arrangements necessary to free myself.

I participate in a variety of […]

I have an outlet to relieve my stress.

Time away from my work is as important as time devoted to my work.

I have an outlet to relieve my stress and engaging in it regularly is a priority for me. I know I am happiest and most productive when I have regular ways of letting off steam, so I view these times as […]