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I am a team player.

Photo by Tom Leuntjens PhotographyBeing a team player has more to do with my attitude than with the amount of work that I take on. The way I interact with my team is just as important as my contributions.

As a team player, I often have to lay down my ego for the benefit […]

I am confident in my ability to follow through.

Photo by laurenmarekI know I can follow through on my promises because I only make promises that I can keep. Before I make a promise, I check my schedule to ensure it is something I can work in. If it isn’t, I do not commit to it in the first place.

I find it […]

My life goals have deep meaning to me.

My life goals are the means to bring my dreams to fruition. They provide the light that guides me right into the life I desire. Without my goals, I would be lost – wandering aimlessly in the darkness!

My life goals enable me to keep my focus on what is important to me. Life has […]

Life is a marathon.

Life is a marathon. I am training to be a steady, strong, passionate, and committed endurance runner.

I know I can go the distance because I train constantly. My workouts include daily positive self-talk, affirmations, and meditation. With these, I can be successful for the long haul.

Keeping my self-talk positive gives me an optimistic […]

Becoming a Master of Self-Discipline

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is learning to master the art of self-discipline. Learning how to tell yourself no is an important step to become a stronger, wiser and more mature person.

While practicing self-discipline isn’t easy, there are many benefits to mastering this art of personal control:

Self-discipline can help […]