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My countenance draws others.

Photo by creativesamI am a friendly person who loves people. I have a fresh zest for life. My face reflects the joy inside my heart. My smile is like honey, attracting people like bees to a hive.

The expression on my face gives a loud and clear message that I am approachable. I always […]

I communicate effectively with others.

Photo by mstcwebEffective communication extends beyond making a clear point. Communication is about understanding others as well as being understood. I work hard at communicating with others so I can live in harmony with the world around me.

Regardless of the type of communication: verbal or non-verbal, explicit or implied, I use empathy to […]

I release the fear, anxiety, and anger that prevent me from communicating effectively with others.

I am not afraid. I love my new feelings of calm and joy.

I am able to communicate effectively because I let go of my negative emotions.

I let go of all negative thoughts and emotions that may hinder my abilities to communicate in positive ways.

I am a strong person that has control […]

I am able to speak my thoughts with kind words.

I am committed to fostering healthy relationships, therefore I speak my thoughts kindly. I value my own thoughts and let go of the idea that anyone else’s thoughts are more valid than my own.

I abandon the childish notion that people should be able to read my mind, and instead use effective words to communicate […]

I have found ways to express my feelings rather than act out my frustrations.

I can express myself in healthy ways because I am in control of my frustrations.

Because I am able to communicate my feelings […]